Sunday, June 17, 2018

Life is a lesson...

Life Lesson Number # 68;
If we are alive, we are learning.

There was a house somewhere in the mid west.

It was in bad shape and it was in a bad area.

They didn't know how bad when they bought it.

It was meant as an act of kindness but things have a way of not working out as we would have them work out.

No one wanted the house.

They contacted dozens of charities and churches; "free house", but everyone declined.

In desperation they put an ad on the Internet; "free house".
For days there was nothing then someone answered.

Not a charity, not a church but a realtor.

Not the most ideal of recipient's.

But the house was somewhere in the mid west, and they were on the West Coast so...

Over weeks information was traded in e-mails.

Months passed.

They thought no one would ever use the house again.

Finally papers were notarized and the house was on it's way to possible new ownership.

Then after all that time had passed a woman contacted them.

If the house was still available, she might like it to use as a place to cook food for the homeless.

Much better than a realty company.

But papers were about to be signed...

The lady would go by and look at the house.

After all there was still a day or two before things were finalized.

Four days passed without word and they assumed that the lady had decided the house was in too much need or in too bad an area as had many before here.

There was no more time.

And so they finalized paperwork with the realtor.

One dollar was to be exchanged.

Suddenly the lady was back.

It had been six days.

They told her the house was no longer available.

That night their in box was filled with emails from the lady.

She wanted the house! She needed the house for her family!

She was desperate.

They looked at each other in disbelief.

Why hadn't she said this before?

Of course they would have rather that someone who really needed the house have it.

But now papers were signed, titles were in the process of being transferred.

The lady was angry and upset, the people were stunned and felt terrible about the whole situation and the realtor...well, the realtor was quite happy.

Life Lesson Number #248;
No matter how hard you try to do the right thing  you will inevitably get it wrong once in a while.

Monday, June 11, 2018

The party in power...

They watched and listened and they said nothing.

One degrading incident after another.

Day after day, week after week, month after month.

Still they said nothing.

They watched as children were ripped from their mothers arms.

They watched as funds for veteran's and teacher's and the elderly were slashed and they said nothing.

They watched as our reputation as a country, as a people was decimated and destroyed in every corner of the world and they shrugged.

They stood silent as our allies were bullied and humiliated and our enemies were glorified and embraced.

They were mute as our constitution became irrelevant word by word.

What will they say to their children when they ask; "where were your voices"?

Thursday, May 31, 2018


Then it all just went dark.

Darker than she could ever have imagined.

There had been plenty of very bad days in the past.

Twenty six years they'd been doing this...this thing.

It began even before the vows were spoken.

Year by year it just got harder to pretend.

And now it was just a black hole of pain and misery.

That place in the universe where things went to die.

She'd hung on because that's what you did didn't you?

In the end staying had ended up being much more destructive.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

A life lead...


She had been a child of the sixties and by all accounts she was still just as unconventional now.

Through out her life she had traveled the world. Country by country, continent by continent.

She had walked with wild cheetahs and been bitten by a tiger.

She'd been to deserts where once upon a time elephants and lions had both roamed.

She had helped release leopards back into the wild.

She had been tickled by prayer flags in Nepal and Tibet.

And stood at the Ganges river as families said goodbye to loved ones during cremations

She'd roamed the cemeteries of Mexico at night during the Day Of The Dead.

She'd stood before the Acropolis and The Pyramid's

And been showered by the spray of Victoria Falls and drifted down the Zambezi watching hippos suddenly surface only inches away.

She's tended to baby elephants in Thailand and viewed the Buddha's tooth in Sri Lanka.

She'd walked through the souks of Morocco.

And visited the islands of Greece,

and had her camera confiscated in Japan by armed guards.

Who knew what she'd do in the next chapter...

Sunday, April 29, 2018

shine on...

He had always been fascinated by the stars and the planets.

Once she had explained to him that we were all made of stardust.

That we all contained bits and pieces of exploded stars and planets floating through the universe.

She stood looking up into the night sky remembering those evenings when they would go out into the field in back of the Dairy Queen, put down a blanket and lay there watching the stars overhead.

She'd point out the constellations and by the time he was 4, he knew them all by heart.

Cassiopeia was his favorite.

He had said that if we were all made of stardust that we all had our own way to shine and wouldn't it be something if we all decided to shine at the same time?

Now there would be no more stories about moon beams and galaxies...

but there is still that shine.


Shine on sweetie...

Monday, April 16, 2018

The auspicious day...

The monastery was carved out of the rocks high in the hill country.

It had been there for centuries.

We'd driven hours from Colombo in the heat and humidity to get there.

He spoke no English but somehow we communicated.
He offered us orange Fanta and thick almond cookies that were still warm.

I remember the quietness of the moment.
There was a stillness and calm that I can't really explain.
Just being in his presence was comforting.

I was hesitant to take his photograph but when I finally asked he seemed complimented that I should want to take his picture.

There were very young monks who were there to study. They came out of no where when the photo was being taken. Peeking through doorways and windows.

He tied blessings on our wrists but had my friend tie mine as he was not allowed to touch women.

I felt a sense of peace that lasted for days after that visit.

I feel it every time I look at this photograph.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Slow dancing...

The black taffeta skirt rustled as she swirled across the floor of her bedroom.

Bending and swaying to the notes of the melody coming from the radio.

She let the music and the rhythm lead her around the room.

And she couldn't have cared less that she was her own partner...